Three design trends defining the way we work

Changes in technology, employee demographics and cultural norms are driving new directions in office design. We look at how three major trends – the internet of things, the increasing value of experience and the importance of diversity – are all redefining the world of work.

Sainsbury’s HQ interiors, by PWW

PWW has redesigned the interiors at supermarket Sainsbury’s London HQ. The consultancy says: “The Sainsbury’s recognised colour palettes are used across bold graphics and signage to act as navigational points across multiple floors. “The central ‘terminus’ is identified as the heart of each floor through the high concentration of brand palette and a cumulative pixelated […]

Atrium, by Design Research Studio

Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio has designed the interiors of a new creative hub that has opened today in Camden. The space, called Atrium, is the flagship building of Interchange – a co-working space for entrepreneurs, start-ups and creatives. Wanting to move away from a traditional office set up, Design Research Studio was inspired by communal […]

Airbnb Tokyo office, by Suppose Office Design

Airbnb has worked with Japanese architect Suppose Office Design on its new Tokyo office, which has been designed around the travel company’s “belong anywhere” positioning. The office, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo has been designed in a way which reinforces the idea of a neighbourhood and features a reception and café area leading onto a wooden […]

Hudway AR Auto Display

Heads up displays encourage safety on the road by displaying data such as route maps or texts in a driver’s normal field of vision. The Hudway Glass combination of app and accessory innovatively turns your smart phone into a professional heads-up display. It is a cost-effective accessory that can be used in any car. The […]

Smart Shape Shifter

The EO Smart Connecting Car 2 is an ultra flexible micro car for mega cities. The electric, robotic vehicle is the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence’s answer to congestion and pollution. Designed to be small, comfortable and easy to drive, the prototype has large windows and butterfly doors. Because each wheel is powered by […]

Côte d’Azur Tour

Nice-Cars put a jaunty spin on the chic driving traditions of the French Riviera. This car rental service with a difference offers low-tech three wheel vehicles with an iPad-style screen attached to the dashboard. Drivers use the open top vehicles to follow a pre-programmed GPS tour of the Côte d’Azur. Tours are available in four languages […]