The future of creativity: experience design in the fourth dimension

In this video presentation from The One Show China, Joanna Peña-Bickley argues that designing the right experiences is crucial in today’s fickle market.

Design is in the eye of a technological, social and cultural storm, revolutionising how we interact with the world around us. Its impact on business is the difference between disrupting, or being disrupted, as a new design method dictates which brands win and which lose. Central to it all is customer experience, the benchmark of a brand’s value.

In today’s fickle market the experience had better be exceptional, and enduring. Competition for the customer’s fleeting attention span in the digital bazaar is fierce. It has shaped an innovative model of business and a fresh approach to branding called ‘experience design’.

Led by experience designers, these hybrid creators reinvent products, processes, services, events, cities, and complete environments by combining old school design with a technology canvas, all with a single focus on crafting culturally relevant employee and customer experiences.

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