HTC Vive – designing a virtual reality system from scratch

In this documentary we speak to HTC Creative Labs corporate vice president Drew Bamford who led an integrated design team and worked with other partners to deliver  HTC’s first virtual reality consumer product, the Vive. He also tells us about the opportunities that virtual reality is gifting designers and what the future of the platform could be like.

The Vive is a virtual reality headset designed by HTC in collaboration with gaming company Valve, which is also behind the Steam gaming platform supporting the Vive.

We headed to San Francisco to catch up with HTC Creative Labs corporate vice president Drew Bamford, who led the development of the product.

Bamford tells us how HTC’s journey as a design-led brand began in 2006 when HTC shifted its focus from building products for other companies to operating as a global consumer brand and designing its own products.

The focus of the industrial design became a look and feel that customers would associate with having been “delivered from the future” according to Bamford, who says the Vive will reach beyond gaming into education and training markets.

In this film Bamford speculates on the future of virtual reality and what kinds of opportunities it will gift designers.

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