How will design change our homes?

Our panel of Age of Design experts tell us how they think design is changing our homes.

As the Age of Design project focuses on design in the home, we speak to our panel of experts to discover how design will affect the future of our domestic lives.

We talk to:

Phil Gilbert, general manager of IBM Design;
Mat Hunter, director of strategy at Central Research Laboratory;
Malcolm Garrett, creative director of Images&Co;
Amanda Gosling, executive partner, IBM Interactive Experience, Global;
Clive Grinyer, process improvement director for Premier Banking at Barclays; and
Anna Bateson, director of digital at Charlotte Tilbury.

They pick out key projects in the home and identify key trends and analysis that will define domestic design over the coming years.

Comments (3)
  • Anthony Sully 24th March 2016 at 1:12 pm

    I am writing my third book on interior design entitled ‘The House and the Spoon’ which begins by attacking the appalling standards of mass house design in this country. Your panellists seem to be saying that change will come about through technological advancement, but this is not the answer to the design provision that must be improved in terms of space and facilities. I have chosen to write this book because I believe that there is a crisis in house design, that is due to current legislation, inflammatory property values, and myopic design vision where children have been almost totally ignored in their growing phases from birth. This has prevented real innovation from taking place and hence the public have been denied the service they need. I wish to collaborate with engineers and product designers in the design of prefabricated house units that are fully fitted with flexible adaptable fittings that requires no furniture to be installed. The book will explore this notion. Please pass on my thoughts to all your panellists.