– designing new retail experiences

In this documentary we speak to co-founder Julien Callede about how Made has used design and innovation to create new supply chains, offer new customer-focused retail experiences and to create new products.

Since it was Launched in 2010, quickly had an impact on the furniture retail industry by removing any middlemen from the supply chain and going directly to designers.

It soon supplemented this offer by building an in-house design team – now led by Ruth Wassermann – which today designs around 30% of’s products. Wassermann’s team has rigorous research and design processes in place, based on trends and customer needs.

Meanwhile is using design to innovate, to enhance customer experience and to grow the business.

In this documentary we go behind the scenes at’s headquarters in London, which comprises its in-house studio and a public showroom where customers can try out products.

The opening of the showroom marked’s move into bricks and mortar and it is rolling the concept out across other European cities. No money is taken directly in-store. Instead, customers test products, build up profiles of items they like using tablets and buy online later if they chose to.

Comments (3)
  • Brian Eacersall 18th October 2016 at 10:53 am

    Very interesting concept – gives designers a chance! Well thought out.
    Are you – – interested in designs for furniture that have potential in the market.


  • Selina Brennan 19th October 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Its an incredible company giving opportunity to source diverse products and I love the showroom idea,the company have embraced tech and worked as a team.I do like the tweaks such as no prices tablet led.However I also feel some tablets and screens are not great for the eyes.To see
    a product in its real state in a showroom mean Made must be selective and source from a sea of products.
    I can see how this gives designers and perhaps
    APS in the future
    artist s a great platform through
    made making its own name
    and strengthening its place a
    And platform in the design world.I wonder will it cater to diverse or modern tastes
    Or embrace designers who embrace different trends.It seems to be trend focused.I feel sure Make will create its own trends and I like the reference to emotional connection because if we c
    an feel a product ourselves we can’t bring it to others in an amazing way.The method appears to empower the customer and not intimidate them…which is a breakthrough.Can’t help thinking of the IKEA model though it differs a lot from it.Its jumped ahead by innovating n not getting warehousey.

  • George Wainwright 27th October 2016 at 8:42 am

    My favourite retailer demonstrating how design can change an industry. Brilliant concept and they should be v proud of what they’ve accomplished in such a short space of time.