How design is shaping new retail experiences

Our panel of Age of Design experts tell us how design is bringing together physical and online retail experiences and becoming an enabler for the introduction of new business models.

In this interview session we look at the future of retail and hear from experts about how design is helping physical and online retail experiences to become increasingly complementary and interactive.

Design continues to play a growing role as brands navigate between the online and offline retail world. Meanwhile artificial intelligence is helping to shorten customer journeys and make shopping experiences more intuitive.

We speak to:
• Phil Gilbert, general manager of IBM Design;
• Mat Hunter, director of strategy at Central Research Laboratory;
• Malcolm Garrett, creative director of Images&Co;
• Amanda Gosling, executive partner, IBM Interactive Experience, Global;
• Clive Grinyer, process improvement director for Premier Banking at Barclays; and
• Anna Bateson, video strategy director, Guardian Media Group.

You can also find the film on Vimeo here.

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