How design is shaping entertainment experiences

Our panel of Age of Design experts looks at how design and innovation in gaming is filtering through to other types of entertainment and blending them to form new experiences.

In this interview session we look at the future of entertainment and hear from experts about how game design is acting as a testbed for other types of entertainment and how gaming innovations are influencing other entertainment sectors.

Consumers are demanding richer experiences and this is causing traditional entertainment formats like sports events and cinema to reconsider how they deliver their core product.

We speak to:
• Phil Gilbert, general manager of IBM Design;
• Mat Hunter, director of strategy at Central Research Laboratory;
• Malcolm Garrett, creative director of Images&Co;
• Amanda Gosling, executive partner, IBM Interactive Experience, Global;
• Clive Grinyer, process improvement director for Premier Banking at Barclays; and
• Anna Bateson, video strategy director, Guardian Media Group.

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